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Video Creator and Photographer


VIDEO: I Like My Jeep…

So I made a video about it

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VIDEO: Spanish Wedding

Sometimes I get asked to shoot badass weddings in really cool places.

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VIDEO: Visit Sacramento!

Why you should visit one of my favorite places ever!

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Instagram bangers for days

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I post (almost) weekly vlogs to my self titled YouTube channel! Check out videos about video, photography, gear, geeky stuff, pizza, travel, and just about anything that I feel like filming!

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Travel and Food blog

Film and Feast

Part food blog, part travel blog, all love. This is a passion project that my girlfriend wanted to start to combine our love for food and travel with my love for photography and video. It's a work in progress but we're having a LOT of fun with it! Check out our Instagram page and our videos on my YouTube channel!

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